Prayer Retreat Weekend

Live Schedule

Apr. 17th, 12:00pm — Introduction

Apr. 17th, 6:30pm — Welcome & Explanation

Apr. 18th, 1:00pm — Completed Stations Review 1-3

Apr. 18th, 6:30pm — Completed Station Review 4-6

Apr. 19th, 1:00pm — Weekend Recap & Wrap-Up

General Information

This year a Family Retreat is beautifully unique, an opportunity to share in an experience together.
Hear me out….
While I would love so much (so… so much!) for us to be gathered around a fire at Camp Lu-Jo, all sitting together, that simply isn’t possible this year. However, this year we have a unique opportunity to make Family Retreat so special and so beautiful… this year, we can ALL gather. We will be joined by several other congregations around the nation doing this same activity!

Everyone Welcome

Invite Your Family and Friends

All of Chisholm Trail, friends, family, other small groups, other churches, and more can gather in our homes, spending time alone with God, working through the “stations” that follow in this packet, and sharing this experience, all of us, together! 

Retreat Live!

Join Us on Facebook Live

We will be live on the Chisholm Trail Family Facebook page for interactive sessions to talk about the stations and the retreat, Q&A about what we’ve done, felt, seen, heard, and experienced, just as if we were all gathered around in the main room at Lu-Jo! Join us, all together! 

The 7 station packet can be completed however you like though some suggestions that you can choose to follow will be provided. It’s not necessary for us all to be doing the same stations at the same time-though it is a pretty amazing thought! You will spend between 15 and 30 minutes at most stations. Station 4 is timed at ~25 minutes. Station 7 might take you most of the day, Sunday.

The Countdown Begins!









Full List of Events

Introduction - Friday, April 17 - 12:00 PM

Brief introduction on what’s to come!

Welcome - Friday, April 17 - 6:30 PM

Welcome & explanation of the packet and the weekend.

Intro Pages & Station #1 - Friday Evening, April 17

Complete introduction pages.
Station #1: Thanksgiving

Stations #2 & #3 - Saturday Morning, April 18th

Station #2: Forgiveness
Station #3: Worry

Stations Review 1-3 - Saturday, April 18th - 1:00 PM

Talk about completed Stations 1-3

Stations #4 - #6, Saturday Afternoon, April 18th

Station #4: Connect
Station #5: The Character of God
Station #6: Pray for the Family

Stations Review 4-6, Saturday, April 18th, 6:30 PM

Talk about completed Stations 4-6

Station #7 - Sunday, April 19th

Station #7: Reach Out! 
This station might take you most of the day, Sunday.

Weekend Wrap-Up - Sunday, April 19th - 1:00 PM

Recap the weekend, talk about all 6 completed stations, talk about the current station (7), and deliver the final weekend message.

Some Worship Music!

Here is a worship music video playlist created on YouTube for everyone to enjoy throughout the weekend.  It includes 22 songs to play around the house (but not the 4 songs specifically chosen for station #4.  Click the link below or type it in to YouTube to access the Extended playlist:


You can use and enjoy all the music, or none of it. It’s up to you and what your musical tastes are.