Wednesday Evening Classes


Before our Wednesday Evening Classes start we have a meal in our Fellowship Center followed by short devotional with everyone in the Worship Center.

Wednesday Evening Schedule

4:45 PM - 5:30 PM - Early Bird Class (Sep - May)
5:30 PM - 6:15 PM - Meal in Fellowship Center
6:30 PM - 7:15 PM - Classes in Worship Center & Fellowship Center

Adult Classes

Early Bird Class (September to May)

This class takes place before the Wednesday Evening Meal and is generally attended by those that want to be home before dark.

Regular Classes

There is usually one class that takes place in our Worship Center and a class in our Fellowship Center.

Wednesday Summer Series

Every summer starting in June, we have our Wednesday Summer Series. Everyone is invited to come and hear speakers from different congregations deliver lessons centered around our theme for the year.

Youth Group Classes - Grades 6 - 12

Location: Upstairs Northeast Room

High School / Junior High Combined Class

JourneyLand Classes - Grades 1 - 5

Location: Upstairs - West End of Hallway

Our JourneyLand classes are designed to help kids learn Bible stories in a variety of fun and exciting ways. The kids will go to a different classroom each week of the 5 week lesson rotation to learn about one story or topic in different ways. The different classes will focus on Story telling, Drama/Puppets, Arts/Crafts, Geography and Songs with each classroom designed and decorated to match those themes. This variety keeps the kids interested and wanting to come back for more each week.

On Wednesday evenings, the kids continue their learning journey in the same classrooms they were in on Sunday morning.

Pre-School Classes

Location: Downstairs - Southeast corner

Our Kid's Area has classrooms for all ages of pre-schoolers from nursery through kindergarten. There is also a large room where all the kids can gather to watch a video, play games, or watch a puppet show.