Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes start at 9:15 AM.

Adult Classes

Due to COVID-19, Adult classes on Sunday morning are limited to the Worship Center and the Fellowship Hall so more social distancing can be maintained during classes.

Youth Group Classes - Grades 6 - 12

High School (Upstairs - Northeast Room)

Junior High (Upstairs - Southeast Room)

JourneyLand Classes - Grades 1 - 5

Location: Upstairs - West End of Hallway

Our JourneyLand classes are designed to help kids learn Bible stories in a variety of fun and exciting ways. The kids will go to a different classroom each week of the 5 week lesson rotation to learn about one story or topic in different ways. The different classes will focus on Story telling, Drama/Puppets, Arts/Crafts, Geography and Songs with each classroom designed and decorated to match those themes. This variety keeps the kids interested and wanting to come back for more each week.

Pre-School Classes

Location: Downstairs - Southeast corner

Our Kid's Area has classrooms for all ages of pre-schoolers from nursery through kindergarten. There is also a large room where all the kids can gather to watch a video, play games, or watch a puppet show.

During Sunday morning worship, right before the sermon, all kids from 5 years old through 2nd grade are invited to Wee Praise which is in the large room of the Kid's area.